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 Science Fiction Blog

     Being a group of pirates roaming the stars in a spaceship may not seem like a particularly lucrative career choice, but since there are billions of planets and moons in outer space and each one is rich with treasure of some kind or another, you could do worse.

     If you have a good fast starship and don’t mind the occasional dangerous space battle with a heavily-armed Galactic Police cruiser, then life becomes a wonderful adventure.

    These science-fiction books by Craig Conley  are full-length novels – each one an exciting story involving an effort to capture valuable swag from some star system without getting vaporized by deadly police blasters.   Rocketships, mysterious alien pleasure-provider beings, and exotic weapons of the future all combine to add zest to the tales.

   Come along for the cosmic ride – a galaxy full of stellar systems just teeming with mystery and adventure awaits you.  Enjoy.

Craig Conley Photo

Craig Conley always had a love for astronomy and physics, soaking up everything he could find on the subjects.  His stories reflect that passion. The science he employs is based on our current level of knowledge about the universe, and when he adds his sense of humor and a touch of roguishness to his imaginary pirate gang, the results become quite entertaining.  Part of his life was spent as a musician and the extraordinary flavor of that environment spills over onto his characters.